Crowdfunding for Startups & Small Businesses

Some ideas and resources that can help you for create your global campaign

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Also known as Crowd Source Capital, Crowdfunding is a method of raising capital in small amounts from a large group of people using the Internet and Social Media. Is becoming a common financing method for social entrepreneurs, projects and small business.


This is an good alternative financing idea with good results in recent years, a financing method that involves funding a project with relatively modest contributions from a large group of individuals, rather than seeking substantial sums from a small number of investors.


Crowdfunding platforms provide a venue for all aspects of a campaign, such as campaign and project tracking, a payment mechanism, creation of public interface, a payment mechanism and disbursement of funds. For example, in the United States, the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, signed into effect in April 2012, includes crowdfunding provisions designed to make it easier for entrepreneurs to raise funds and get new businesses.


We can find many resources in this field, today we want to highlight the most important platforms that can help you turn your project into reality or boost your business.


1. Kickstarter

Probably the hottest crowdfunding site on the Internet is Kickstarter, the most well-known crowdfunding platform for people in the US and UK, which raised a total of $220 million from 61,000 launched projects so far.


2. RocketHub

RocketHub is definitely a popular station to fuel your project for launch. They have empowered businesses, governments, educators, and communities in over 1,500 projects and are the leaders in crowdfunding education.


3. Razoo

This site focuses on causes than profitable projects. Razoo divides fundraisers into 4 major categories: Nonprofits, Individuals, Corporations, and Foundations.


4. Indiegogo

A worldwide crowdfunding platform from Canada that supports businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profits launched in 2008. Their goal was $850,000 and they received $1.3 million from 33,253 funders.


5. GoFundMe

In GoFundMe, you get supporters to donate for your personal campaign, idea or business, and it could be everything from a project, innovation, support or personal objectives.


6. Appbackr

Appbackr is a wholesale market providing funding and distribution for the best new apps to platforms and stores.


7. Crowdfunder

This platform empowers local or niche communities to conduct entrepreneurial and educational events which accelerate crowdfund investing.


8. Fundable

Fundable is a crowdfunding platform that allows startups to offer rewards or equity in exchange for funding.


9. 40Billion

A platform for funding business startups. Any entrepreneur with a United States address can create a campaign.


10. Fundator

Fundator is aiming to be the leading marketplace in Asia to help creative projects come to life. The funding model is "Keep it All", meaning that project creators will receive any sums of money invested by backers.


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